4 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated

If you’ve noticed that your employees are experiencing a bit of downtime, there might be something wrong. And it’s from your end.

Employees can show you peak performance if they know that they matter to you and to your company. So, make that possible by showing them that you care.

If you’re not the kind of employer who shows appreciation for her employees, you might want to reconsider your behaviour.

To get the ball rolling, here are some ways.

1 – Acknowledge Their Presence

A basic gesture of employee appreciation is the act of acknowledging your employees — every single one of them.

So, know their names and their positions. Better yet, familiarize yourself with information about them.

Doing something as simple as saying “Hi [your employee’s name]!!” can work wonders.

Don’t be a snob. Not acknowledging your employees because of your hectic schedule is not an acceptable excuse.

Especially if they greet you, it’s only right if you greet them back.

If you want, you can also make an ID card system. This lets you see their names.

And more importantly, this boosts morale, which ultimately leads to an improvement in productivity.

To make an ID card for them easily, go to www.easyidcard.com.

2 – Say “Thank You!”

You can gather your employees and everyone in your company regularly to make a quick speech. In this speech, address your gratitude for your employees.

You can name them one by one. It will take time. But it will significantly improve the self-confidence of your employees.

Another option is to generalize your employees in the “Thank You!” speech. It’s not as effective as the first option. But it works.

You can — and should — also use this approach during daily engagements.

If your employees deliver assigned tasks to you, don’t let them leave without an expression of gratitude. Thank them for their effort.

This will encourage them to do the same thing in the future. This may even inspire them to do better.

3 – Remember Special Occasions

Then, don’t take your employees for granted. Understand that they are people with emotions.

Be emotionally intelligent by letting these emotions work for you.

For example, if it’s your employee’s birthday, wish him or her a happy birthday.

You can also throw a party in the workplace. That way, you’re not the only one who can show appreciation. Other employees can, too.

Other than birthdays, the day they moved to their first home, Christmases, wedding anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, and Thanksgiving are some important days. During these days, let your employees know that they are not forgotten.

4 – Believe In Them

And lastly, believe in your employees.

A classic way of letting your employees know that you believe in them is to assign work.

Allow them to do what they do best and then excel at it.

And as you delegate different tasks to them, let them work independently.

This delivers the right kind of message. You value their work — and that you know that they can accomplish the job effectively.

But of course, this doesn’t mean that you should dump too much workload on your employees. This is counterproductive.

Final Thoughts

Overall, remember to always treat your employees with respect. Sometimes, employees tend to ditch their workplaces because of mistreatment.

Like the classic saying goes, “respect begets respect”. If they feel appreciated, they’ll value you, as well as your company.