7 Smart Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

You deserve a good vacation once in a while and get a fresh breeze away from the busy schedules or bustling in the city. However, you may be having precious possessions you have accumulated over the years, and you cannot afford to lose those them to burglars within a week or two. You do not want to come back home and find that the music system is no longer there. You deserve peace of mind so that you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The following are smart tips to keep your home safe while on holiday.

    1. Set an illusion that someone is home

Buglers are very keen and will note an abandoned home sooner than you think. You can set the lights to turn on automatically at given intervals and create an impression that there is someone in the house. It is also wise to have lights that turn on automatically when they detect motion. Anybody with ill intentions will think that somebody is watching him/ her and thus leave the property. You can even leave a car in the driveway or even arrange for snow removal during the winter season. Ensure that you create an impression that shows your home is not abandoned.

    1. Keep your precious possessions in a safe house

Do not keep the valuables where someone can just peep and see them through the windows or door holes. Think of something like your title deeds and other important registration documents. You can keep such items in Smart Lock Storage facility for safe keeping. The ideal safe house should give 24 hours access and guarantee that your valuables are safe from not only burglars but also damage. You do not have to keep such possessions in the safe house only when on vacation, but you can also store them on normal occasions.

    1. Take care of your mail

Mails can pile up on your doorstep if, for instance, you will go for a one month holiday. The pile will send a message to passersby that no one is home and this attracts burglars. You have several options to curb this situation and keep your property safe. You can go to the local post office and halt the delivery of letters to your home for the given period. It’s also wise to trust a friend or a neighbor to collect the letters on your behalf while you are away.

    1. Inform your security company

Your security company should know when you are away so that they can note any abnormalities in your home. Such a company will monitor the cameras and respond to alarm calls when they arise. Contract a company with a good reputation and which responds instantly to emergencies. The extent of their services will depend on the package you subscribe for and what the company offers.

    1. Unplug some accessories

Even if you want to create an impression that someone is home, it is wise to unplug some accessories that may cause harm in case of fire outbreaks.  Some of the apparatus that do not need power when you are away for more than three months are the refrigerator, ovens and water heater among many more others. Some of these appliances can cause fire outbreaks in case there is electrical shot within the property. Just keep the basic appliances connected and unplug the costly ones until you get back home.

    1. Tell only a few friends

You do not have to tell the entire world that you are on vacation knowing very well that your home has nobody to guard. It feels good to post the vacation photos on Instagram but remember that someone might just break into your property or home and get away with your valuables. Try to keep it cool and just let several friends and neighbors that you can trust know that you are away. You can always post your travel and vacation pictures and videos when you are back home.

    1. Trust a friend or pay someone to guard

You may require someone to run a few errands when you are away. You can talk to a friend to watch over your property or even pay someone just to keep the home safe. The amount you will incur on payment will depend on the duration of your vacation and responsibilities.

Keeping your property safe is your responsibility. Sticking to the above tips ensures that you enjoy your vacation without worrying about your valuables. Some measures are applicable for short durations while others are ideal for long vacations.