Continuous inkjet printers are ideal to comply with strict coding regulations

Continuous Inkjet Printers are among the oldest printing technologies that are still utilized today. They are frequently used in demanding situations where reliability, speed and flexibility are needed. There are quite a number of benefits and advantages of CIJ printers which is why they are used by many global packaging and manufacturers.

How is the ink applied?

The CIJ printer works by applying a continuous stream of inks.The ink is separated into individual droplets in the print head of the inkjet printer where the droplets are electrostatically charged. Following this, the droplets pass through a deflecting electrode where they are deflected depending on their charge. Droplets without a charge are fed back into the ink circuit through the gutter. Charged droplets are printed onto the paper.

Can be versatilely used on a variety of materials

An advantage of using this printer is that it can print onto almost any substrate including plastics, glass, metal and cardboard.

The major advantage of CIJ Printing is that this can be done by printing at any speed and orientation. The printer will project the ink drops at a desired rate from a distance onto the moving substrate. This is done to achieve an efficient high-speed printing process. All of this is done through a non-contact process. This differentiates CIJ from other printing technologies.

Favored for making in a variety of industries

CIJ printers are resilient to stand harsh conditions and demanding requirements of various industries. They are utilized in industries such as food & Beverage or Pharmaceuticals and Medical.

Coding faces strict legislation

These industries present some of the most demanding coding and marking challenges.

CIJ printers are suited to be used in these industries as they are designed to apply identification marks. For example, best before dates, logos and batch codes. These can be applied to almost any material and CIJ printer is an ideal choice for printing on both curved and flat surfaces at high speed. This is particularly useful for providing traceability data and for complying with strict industry legislation.

Consistent, high-quality coding on packaging or labeling is important in order to comply with industry legislation. Misleading information or poor quality codes can have negative effects, both for consumers and for businesses. The correct information must be printed on the right product with 100% accuracy. For example in the UK failing to adhere to these legislations can result in a criminal offense.

Due to the increase of counterfeit goods, the benefit of this required regulation is that coded products can be tracked from production through distribution to the point of consumption. This will help to lower health and safer risks for product consumers.

Fast drying times

CIJ printers have a variety of ink available specifically for this printing method. They have fast drying times which make it ideal for demanding production lines.

Little to no maintenance required

These CIJ printers have a long operation life which allows the printer to operate for many hours before needing to be serviced. This lowers service costs and reduces machine downtimes which makes it reliable and efficient for demanding production lines. To find out more about CIJ printing systems you can read .