Exotic Design Ideas for Your Home

If you’re looking for interesting ways to update your home decor, why not look to a little global-inspiration for help? Bringing the best design ideas from around the world into your own home may be easier than you think. Read on for some exotically-inspired interior style tips featuring Mongolian faux fur, Parisian opulence, and Tuscan warmth — and how you can recreate these looks in your own home.

Mongolian faux fur

Decorating your home with some Mongolian faux fur is a trend which seems to never go out of style. Faux fur is lush, warm, and inviting. It’s perfect for those who want to stay stylish without using animals and a more cost-effective option than real fur. And not to mention, the quality is still there. Faux fur is soft and deeply textured. It adds significant comfort and luxury to any area it graces.

When it comes to decorating with faux fur items, less is definitely more. Scatter a few Mongolian faux fur pillows on your sofa to up the comfort level. Chairs and sofas can be made much more inviting with a Mongolian faux fur throw draped over them. Be sure the faux fur shade you choose goes with your overall color scheme (lighter shades work with mostly anything).

Parisian apartment

Everyone adores the timeless elegance and regal beauty of the classic Parisian apartment. A deceptively simple way to bring a little bit of Paris into your home is with artwork. Frame and hang large paintings of the Eiffel Tower or other famous Parisian landmarks throughout your home (posters and prints are cheaper options which look just as striking on the walls).

Other Paris-style features for the home include: large ornate mirrors, green plants, crystal chandeliers, flowing drapes, soft cushions, muted colors, and hardwood flooring. Incorporate any or all these ideas as you see fit. The key is to have nothing that looks too styled and matching. A Parisian-styled room should look loved and lived-in, and not just plain shabby and uncared-for.

Tuscan beauty

Love the rustic, relaxed, sun-washed Tuscan look? When it comes to the Tuscan color palette, warm, natural, and earthy tones — cream, olive, terracotta, brown — reign supreme. The floors are often laid with terracotta or stone tiles (complete with large vintage rugs to add texture and warmth). Since sunlight is an important element in Tuscan interiors, leave the windows simple and fuss-free to let the natural light flood in.

As for Tuscan-inspired decorative accents, wrought-iron is a must. Pepper your home with wrought-iron shelving, mirrors, and candle holders. Dark, rustic wood is another gorgeous material which adds comforting warmth and richness. Hang artwork on the walls: paintings of the Mediterranean countryside or still-life pieces which echo the theme of the natural world.

Final thoughts

Feeling inspired yet? You may decide to stick with one exotic theme throughout your whole home, but including your favorite aspects of each style is also an option. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. The goal is to create a home truly unique and reflects your own personality!