Finding the Best Accessories for your iPad

It seems like everyone these days has an iPad. And why wouldn’t you? It’s like a mini computer you can take with you anywhere, bringing the entire world to your fingertips. But it’s not enough to just drag your iPad around with you. Of course, you’ll have to add the coolest accessories to show off your new iPad to its fullest.

Extend Your Battery Power

The big screen of your iPad will use up a lot of juice. So, you’ll want to make sure you have an external battery that you can plug in and extend your tablet use. Some external batteries a small and have the capacity to charge an iPad mini twice before needing a recharge.

Listen Up!

If you listen to music or watch YouTube on your iPad, you’ll want to add a pair of excellent headphones to your gear. You can choose from either in-ear or traditional over-the-ear phones, depending on what works best for you. Remember, you’ll want to carry your headphones with you, so make sure you choose a set small enough to easily pack.

Take the Keys

Yes, the iPad has an on-screen keyboard, but some people prefer having the physical keys, especially if you do a lot of typing on your iPad. An external keyboard gives you the option of having real, live keys at your fingertips. If you type a lot, this will help you be more productive, since it turns your iPad into a tiny laptop.

Encase It!

Everyone who has an iPad should have a protective case. This protects the tablet in case you drop it, as well as gives your iPad a sleek look. The JETech case provides back protection and puts your screen to sleep every time you put it on, which saves your precious battery power.

Jam Out to Sound

A Bluetooth speaker is also an excellent accessory for the iPad. You can visit iThingum for reviews on speakers (and other accessories) for your iPad. The ideal Bluetooth speaker will be small and portable yet deliver excellent sound quality. Remember, your Bluetooth speaker will need juice, too, so you might invest in a charging pack just for the speaker.

Stylish Stylus

The Apple Pencil only works on iPad Pro models, but a normal stylus will work on any of the units. If you like to draw or design, you’ll probably want to have a stylus close at hand, as it makes delicate work much easier.

Protect That Delicate Screen

Screen protectors are a must for any tablet. Yes, the iPad comes with a tough glass screen, but they can still be cracked or scratched. The best screen protector will be glass as well. The point of adding a glass protector is that if you drop your iPad, hopefully the (replaceable) screen protector will crack or break, leaving your iPad screen untouched (this definitely works for cell phone screens).

Stand Proud

If you enjoy watching videos on your iPad, consider purchasing a stand for your tablet. This lets you put the device on a table or chair, so you don’t have to hold it the entire time. If you’re using the tablet as a second screen for your Mac, the stand will come in handy. It’s also a good place to put your iPad when you’re charging it.

Bag It Up

With all these accessories for your iPad, you’ll probably need a small bag capable of holding all your gear. When you keep things in the same place all the time, it’s less likely that you’ll lose any of it. And it makes it nice when traveling, so you’ll know you have everything you need on your trip, whether it’s from home to work or on a long road trip.

A Mount on the Go

If you spend a lot of time in your car, you might consider investing in a mount for your iPad. The iKross is designed to fit into your vehicle’s cup holder, keeping your iPad secure and close at hand. It works in most cars (depending on the style of your cup holders). It’s a real futuristic-looking mount that looks so cool.

Get Your Game On

And we’re not talking sports. If you’re a hard-core gamer, you’ll probably want to add a wireless game controller to your gear. Nimbus makes one that resembles the Xbox devices, so it’s easy-to-use and portable enough to fit in your bag. But, it will need its own juice, too, so make sure you have a charging port for it.

No matter what you use your iPad for, it won’t be complete without the perfect accessories. You may not need all these items, but customizing your iPad is part of the fun of owning one. Cases come in different styles and colors, you can easily add Bluetooth speakers or keyboards, and use the right stylus for you. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!