Fruit Yogurts Never Tasted So Good!

Eat Fruit Yogurt for a Healthy Diet

If you are trying to eat healthy, including yogurt in your diet is an excellent idea. Yogurt has a lot of health benefits. Yogurt has also come a long way in the last 25 years. This is the reason you will see a variety of different brands and types of yogurt in the dairy section of your favorite grocery store.

Fruit Yogurt Gives You Extra Fiber

I like to mix in fruit with my yogurt. Not only does it make my yogurt taste better, but it also gives me a boost of extra fiber and vitamins. Mixing fruit with yogurt gives plain yogurt a natural, sweet flavor.

If you do not like the consistency of plain yogurt with chunks of fruit in it, you can make a fruit and yogurt smoothie. Mix in some milk, honey and ice with your fruit yogurt for a refreshing smoothie. Smoothies taste extra good on a hot summer day.

Adding a variety of different fruit to my yogurt allows me to customize my yogurt to suit my mood and tastes. Strawberry and kiwi makes a tasty summertime snack. Mixing pineapple and shredded coconut makes a healthy pina colada. I like to eat Banana and peaches with my yogurt during my work day. Add mango, banana and pineapple to yogurt for a tropical treat. I can choose a variety of fruit combinations to make a unique, flavorful and healthy snack.

Eat Yogurt for Strong Bones

Yogurt is also a good food to include in your daily diet, because it contains calcium. I do not like to drink milk. Yogurt is an excellent alternative for me to get my calcium. Calcium is important in order to maintain strong bones. If my bones are in good condition, I know I can fight against osteoporosis in my later years. Including yogurt in my diet will helps me to keep my bones strong.

Yogurt Helps the Digestive Tract

I always read a yogurt container before I buy it. Some yogurt includes probiotics. Probiotics is a good, healthy bacterium that helps my stomach and intestines function better. It aids in digestion, which will help me feel better throughout the day. I don’t experience bloating when I eat yogurt with probiotics. It has also been shown to prevent colon cancer, diarrhea and constipation. Make sure the yogurt you buy includes probiotics. It will help you look and feel fit.

Eat Yogurt to Prevent Vaginal Infections

Another benefit of eating yogurt is to prevent yeast infections. Yeast infections make me feel sluggish, tired and itchy. If including yogurt in my diet will help prevent these pesky infections, I am all for it. A daily dose of yogurt helps me to keep vaginal problems at bay.

Join me and include yogurt in your diet. Mixed with fruit, yogurt is a healthy food that fights against disease and illness. Yogurt keeps your bones strong and your stomach healthy. There are many good reasons to eat a daily dose of yogurt.

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