How to GoFrom 0 to 10,000 Instagram Followers in Less Than a Month

When you are just starting out with Instagram, you can get excited thinking about how many followers you will get in such a short while, but things aren’t as you wish them to be. Today we want to look at the hardest thing that you will come across – getting your first 10,000 Instagram followers.

There are a few issues that make this a tough task yet. First, there is no one on the platform that knows who you are, and secondly, you don’t know what to do yet. However, when you have the right tips, you can soon get to the 10,000 follower mark easily and effortlessly.

Here are a few tips.

Go for Engagement Groups

You need to join a few engagement groups that are on Instagram. With these groups, you get a targeted list of followers especially when you stick to your niche. You can find the groups easily via the search function on the platform. Doing this gives you a few groups in the niche that you can join and engage with users.

Once you join the group, the next thing to do is to make sure you post content worth reading and following. Many users are looking for what you will post, which means the better the content the more followers get attracted to your profile’

If you are looking for followers, then this is the best time to follow back a few people and show interest in their engagements. Once you know follow them, you have the chance to trigger their interest in what you are doing.

Repost Content

There are times when you won’t have content to post for your eager audience. When this happens, you need to repost other peoples content so that you can have something to give your users. The only way to do this without having to get flagged is to credit the original poster of the content in the description, something you shouldn’t forget at all.

Instagram, has come up with an update to their policy whereby you need to make sure you ask for permission before you can repost content.

Don’t just repost images alone, try and repost even the video and stories that your users have shared. If the content you repost is relevant to your niche and has the viral nature that you expect it to have, you can get many followers as well.

Why should you repost content that isn’t yours? This is because it is much easier compared to coming up with your own content eventually. And since you are just starting out, you will find that reposting content is one of the best ways to get the quality you wish to have on your account. The person whose content you share will have taken some time to come up with the content, making it superb.

Buy Followers

When you want to jump from 0 – 10,000 in such a short time, you are looking for a way to do so very fast. The best way to do this is to go for genuine followers who give you the engagement you desire on your profile. The need for such followers is imperative, because then you have the chance to boost your engagement levels and make sure you boost the visibility of your profile.

In Conclusion

Taking your followers from zero to 10,000 can be tough if you don’t know what to do. Well, with the right tips, you stand to make sure you get to this mark in the shortest time possible. Follow these tips and make sure you post great content to complement them. Read more: Can You Buy Real Instagram Followers? – Fred Harrington