How to Stop Throwing Away your Money

Do you feel like you spend half your life working for nothing? Is your paycheck constantly eaten up by utility bills, gas, taxes and so on? If so, take heart that you’re not the only one who feels that way. There are probably ways you haven’t thought of which can help you reduce your outgoings.

Tax is a complicated issue and we’re not going to deal with it here, but another issue people have which often burns just as much money as tax is poor insulation. People are heating or cooling their homes and spending a fortune doing do, only for the cool or warm air to escape through gaps between walls and windows and around doors. Check your home for such gaps as you may find that as well as trying to heat your home, you’re also trying to heat the air outside. Get your house properly insulated so you don’t continue to waste money in that way.

Another good idea is to get a smart thermostat from Thermostat Center. This will give you more control over the exact details of your home’s heating. If it’s air conditioned, you might want to consider turn the unit off and buying ceiling fans, which do just as good, if not better, a job of circulating cool air. Try them out and you might never use your air conditioning unit again.

Cars can be a huge waste of money. Ask yourself, do you really need yours? Could you get around on an electric bike instead? As soon as you buy a car, it loses value. Then you have to maintain it, pay for gas and taxes and insurance. If you can do without it, you’re sure to save a lot of money.

Clothes are another area in which people undervalue the time they spent earning those dollars. Ask yourself, do you really need those jeans with some other guy’s name on them? And are they really worth $300? You could easily patch up your old jeans. Smart people go for years without having to buy new clothes and save themselves thousands of bucks in the process.

The same goes for household furniture. If you can, try to learn some woodworking and joinery skills. You’ll find that you can build and repair your own furniture without too much difficulty. You can also use these skills to make money – making furniture to order for others and carrying out repairs.

Another big waste of money occurs when people go to the grocery store when they haven’t eaten. Because pretty much everything they look at makes their mouths start watering, it gets thrown into the basket and before you know it, a grocery trip that usually costs $30 is setting you back more than a hundred bucks. When you get home you find you’ve bought all kinds of weird and expensive food that you’re not even sure how to eat. The lesson? Next time, stuff your face until you can’t eat any more, then take a trip to stock up on groceries. You’ll probably find that you come back with a toothpick and that’s it.

By the way, don’t buy bottled water. Use a water filter instead. You can fill up empty bottles to store at home and in your car, too. There is nothing smart about paying a fortune to drink water that was bottled in another country and flown across an ocean, when you can just turn on the faucet and drink as much as you like for next to nothing.

Another thing about drinking water from the faucet is that you could be in an area which adds fluoride to its water supply, in which case, every time you take a swig from the faucet, you are preventing having to have expensive dental work done, and are therefore, saving money. There is a huge difference between the amount of work people who grew up in areas with fluoride in the water have done to their teeth compare to the amount that people who grew up without fluoride in their water supply have.

If you take a good look at other aspects of your life, you’re bound to find more ways in which you can stop throwing money away.