Just Another Instagram Guide [Automation Made Easy]

You read that right, just another Instagram guide with the focus on automating it. Most people spend way too many hours on Instagram each day while that’s absolutely unnecessary so if you are one of such people you’ll do good by reading this guide from top to bottom.

Before we start talking about bots and other Instagram automation services like Instagress, Social10x, and Instazood there are a few things you should be aware of.

Botting is not for starters

The reason for this is that Instagram doesn’t always appreciate what you are doing on their platform because it doesn’t directly benefit them that you have an account with thousands of (fake) followers, as a matter of fact by using such services you are actually encouraging them to keep offering what they are doing, and even improving their service to stay undetected.

This results in more and more fake accounts and what happens when someone pays for an ad and those bots start to comment on it? The advertiser feels like he is throwing money away and as such he stops using the paid service and that hits Instagram directly in the wallet, so as you might understand by now, Instagram wants to get rid of those services and the easiest way to accomplish that is by deleting your account or declining your reach, in other words taking away the customers from said services. Reversing the process!

Needless to say, there are a few things to take into account when botting and there’s too much to explain in this short guide so we’ll save that for another post.

Outsourcing the automation process

Reinventing the wheel is the dumbest thing one can do so instead of trying to replicate the same process dozens of others went through it’s wiser to simply throw a little money at it and let others figure it out, and maintain it, as Instagram automation is an ongoing process of playing cat and mouse.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of Social Steeze, for the simple reason that I tried at least a dozen different services and most don’t even exist anymore. Instagram beat them straight to it and forced them to leave the market, same like Instagress, one of the best bots ever built was forced to cease services, although they might have returned under a different name and a complete rebranding process, no one will know for sure but that’s the affect Instagram can have on these type of services.

Before you hop over to Social Steeze let me explain how their service works. The first step is obviously to sign up on their website and select the people you want to target based on hashtags, geographics and even usernames. The next step is waiting for your account to go viral.

You expected many more steps, didn’t you? Well, that’s all there is to it really, they literally couldn’t have made it easier and at an affordable price of only $38/month, it becomes pretty much of a no-brainer.