The Need for a Pre-purchase Inspection

We can all relate to the excitement that accompanies the process of buying a new home. What you don’t know is that most of these homes have hidden issues that you need to handle before moving in. One such issue is faulty plumbing.

This is why you need a pre-purchase plumbing inspection to allay any fears you have. It helps save you money and eliminates the stress you get when you experience blockage of your drains a few days after moving in. You might argue that you will identify the faults in your plumbing system by yourself, but you need the experienced eye of an expert plumber to see what you can’t see with your naked eyes.

It Identifies a Wide Range of Issues

Pre-purchase plumbing by EcoHeat Plumbing usually exposes plumbing problems 90 percent of the time. These can range from leaking water pipes, tree roots in drains, blocked pipes and more. All these problems lead to a lot of financial outlays that you might not have planned for. They can result in financial strain and inconvenience your family. This is why you need a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection from EcoHeat Plumbing. This inspection involves several aspects.

Leaking Pipes

These are some of the hardest plumbing faults to identify visually. This is especially true for pipes that are running underground or behind the walls. Using special equipment, the plumber identifies minute cracks in the pipes and repairs them.

Water Heater Repairs

When moving into the new house, you might not be able to tell how old the water heater is. You need the expert eye of a plumber to determine the age of the heater and advise you on whether to repair or replace it.

Frequent Clogs

One of the reasons why pipes clog frequently is because the pipes are old or because of tree roots infiltrating the pipes. There might also be a buildup in the pipes that has built up over the months. The plumber looks at signs of slow drainage in tubs and sinks. Tackling the problem before you move into the home could be the best way to prevent future clogging issues.

Damage to the Plumbing System

The plumbing system consists of a network of interconnected pipes that link to the fixtures in your home. Damage to any component will jeopardize the way other components operate. It might not be damage per se, but even poorly installed fixtures will lead to problems in the future. The plumber assesses the quality and the installation method to make sure the fixtures will withstand constant use. The plumber detects these faults and tells you what you need to do in before you move into the house.

Additionally, the damage might be due to storm damage. This damage usually affects outdoor fixtures and pipes.

These are some of the issues that a plumbing inspector narrows down on when performing a pre-purchase inspection. Let us look at the various benefits you gain when you work with the right pre-inspection company.

It Gives You Peace of Mind

Knowing that the plumbing system is working perfectly gives you peace of mind. You are sure that your family will be comfortable as they start a new life. You also get to understand whether to pay the price being demanded or to bargain for a lower price, taking in mind the various changes you might have to put in place.

It Helps You Plan for the Future

Knowing the layout of the plumbing system and the kinds of fixtures you have in the new home allows you to plan for the future. If you plan on expanding, the plumbing might either allow it or prevent it. You need to know well in advance so that you don’t plan a new addition to the home only for the authorities to stop it.

Know What You Are Getting Into

A proper plumbing inspection pinpoints potential issues with the system. You get to know what to do to remedy the situation and how much it will cost you. If the plumber identifies an issue that might worsen with time, you get to have it fixed, which saves you a lot of money in the future.

Don’t Hesitate!

A plumbing inspection before purchasing your home is one of the ways to get peace of mind when moving into the new home. Make sure you only work with an expert plumber who will identify issues with your plumbing system and repair them. Don’t wait till it is too late; make sure you begin the process before making the final payment.