Start Your Day Right!

The only thing better than a morning that begins with a hot cup of coffee is one that starts off with an espresso – especially one that’s been brewed by your own hand, in your own kitchen, just the way that you like it. To that end, we’ve scoured every corner of the Web (apparently, there are five corners of the Web; we had no idea, honest) looking for the best espresso maker reviews. There’s an awful lot of information available on the subject of home espresso makers, which have been trending for nearly the past twenty years; we thought we’d lend a hand, and boil down the options (no pun intended) to a select few. The few, the proud, the energizing pick-me-up that you need to start your morning on the right side of the bed.

After a lot of consideration, and a lot of espresso, and some more consideration, and then a random game of ping-pong which everybody suddenly wanted to take up for no particular reason, and then some more espresso, we worked over the list we found of what struck us as the most well-informed, well-intentioned, and otherwise best espresso maker reviews. We came up with three specific products that we decided our homes couldn’t be without. Admittedly, with our state of caffeination at that point, our judgment was somewhat questionable, but give these a look-over anyhow and see what you think!

Nespresso Latissima & Espresso Machine 1172582

This one’s the mammoth, the mother load! It costs a pretty penny, too… tens of thousands of pennies, depending upon whether or not you can find it on sale (if you can, it’s often available at a steep discount). That being said, this is a fully-functional, user-friendly, and ultimately rather powerful machine, capable of producing all of the blends and options of an independent street corner cafe. Nespresso’s patented coffee capsules, coupled with this machine’s pre-programmed modes, ensure that same professional quality at the touch of a button – each and every time you use your espresso maker. This is a heavy duty and durable model; it takes up a fair amount of counter space, but it’s easy to clean. It even comes with a “starter kit” including a variety of Nespresso’s own branded capsules, so you can get a feel (and a taste, and then another taste… and so on) for the quality that this machine is capable of providing, right away.

Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso Maker BVMC-ECMP1000

Mr. Coffee has been one of the world’s most trusted name in traditional coffee machines, carafes, and commercial coffee dispensers for more than forty years. In all that time, they have consistently delivered an affordable, durable, and high-quality product, so it’s perhaps small wonder that one of their latest in espresso makers has managed to earn a spot on this fairly exclusive list. The Cafe Barista from Mr. Coffee comes highly recommended by some of the best espresso machine reviews available; also, while we’re on the subject of availability, it’s about one-third the price of most of the other leading espresso makers out there. This particular espresso maker can be found as close by as the nearest Wal-Mart, or – if you prefer – order it online from such retailers as Amazon or eBay. The settings on this baby are pretty simple, but it does have an automatic milk frother… plus, just enough variety in its settings to keep things interesting. If you’re in want of ideas, it comes with a small recipe book – perhaps a different beverage for each day of the week, or else dependent upon whatever mood you happen to be in!

De’Longhi EC155 Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

With a two-cup capacity, this pump-operated espresso machine produces quality beverages twice as fast, and is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. Cleanup is a cinch; the machine itself simply wipes clean, while individual components can be taken apart, washed, and put back together with ease. For these, and ample other reasons – such as a variety of easy to understand operational modes – this De’Longhi, while not the fanciest model of espresso maker available, comes highly recommended by four of the best espresso maker reviews (and coffee enthusiast blogs; we pulled out all the stops with this one!) for the “espresso newbie.” If you’re looking for your first espresso machine, consider giving this one a whirl: it works with either pre-packaged capsules or coffee grounds, and it will make a variety of drinks – producing just the right flavor and texture, every time.