Three Unique (Yet Awesome) Venues for Your Wedding

Deciding to get married is a big deal. You should “man up” and prepare for a huge responsibility.

Because it takes a big man to commit, marriage can seem overwhelming.

You’re about to say “yes” to the idea of spending the rest of your life — 50+ years maybe — with the same person. And this means you should embrace all the ups and downs in the life of somebody else.

But if you’re 100% certain you’ve found “the one”, don’t be afraid to take the next big step. You’re going to thank yourself later for it.

In fact, make your wedding day extraordinary. Make it the best that it can possibly be!

Here are some unique wedding venues you might want to consider.

1: Ulusaba in South Africa

Do you guys appreciate a wild adventure?

If so, consider having a safari wedding. While it seems unusual, it’s both unique and awesome!

And Ulusaba in South Africa is the ideal venue. There, you can see the best of Africa’s wildlife.

As you tie the knot in the venue, you can see Africa’s wildlife surround you and your wedding guests. The idea, which you can turn into a reality, is definitely one for the books.

Apart from getting a traditional wedding cake in Ulusaba, a complete package is in store for you and your fiancee. After breakfast in bed and a massage, you can go on a safari and explore the wild.

2: New York Public Library

It’s definitely possible to get married here because among the things this place is known for are weddings.

Especially if either one of you is a bookworm, the idea of getting married in a library seems perfect. And it’s not just any library. It’s the New York Public Library, which is at the top 10 of the largest libraries in the United States.

Just ask the consent of an NYPL-related authority. Present your wedding’s outline to him and wait for a written verification.

So make it happen. It’s mesmerizing to say your vows as your loved ones watch inside a grand hall with a plethora of books and more than 50 million treasured items in the surroundings.

3: Holy Trinity Church in West Midlands

Lastly, don’t set aside the awesomeness of a traditional wedding venue: a church!

You should check out the Holy Trinity Church in West Midlands. It’s one of the most beautiful churches in the whole world and it features a doom painting above the tower arch.

To get there, just find the Coventry City Centre.

Here, you can go with medieval and classy as your theme. It’d be perfect since the church spells medieval, classy, and history all over — since the 12th century.

Afterward, gear up your guests for a grand wedding reception nearby.

And since you’re in the area, hiring wedding entertainment is a great idea. For more info, visit

Final Thoughts

Entering marriage isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be scary.

But if you have the guts to say “I do” and mean it, you have nothing to be afraid of. In fact, you should be excited.

So, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!