Tips to Sleep Better, Even With Low Back Pain

Lower back pain is common among people that are overweight and inactive, sit for long periods of time and lift heavy weights. The pain could be mild, or a constant nagging pain that just doesn’t go away. A sign that the pain is getting worse is when it starts radiating to other areas of the body such as down your leg.

Once this happens, you might find it hard to sleep with all the pain, but you still need to sleep.

Getting the right amount of sleep makes you healthy and relaxes your body. A relaxed body translates into a relaxed mind, and if you wake up fully rested, you are productive as well. Here are a few tips to help you sleep better, even if you have back pain.

Get the Right Mattress

Make sure the mattress you are using isn’t very old. Old mattresses lose their support for the body and make the pain worse. If you have used the same mattress for more than 10 years, it is time to retire it and buy a new one.  Carefully consider the situation of your needs, as well as your personal preferences before you make the right choice.

Don’t Stay in Bed for Too Long

Just the way you shouldn’t stay in your chair for too long is the same way you shouldn’t stay in bed for longer. The more time you spend lying down, the more the back pain is likely to become worse.

This is because as time goes by, you put more pressure on your back. The pain gets even worse if you choose to sleep on your stomach. So, don’t sleep for more than 8 hours.

Use Cervical Pillows

If you suffer from upper back or neck pain, you need to invest in a high-quality cervical pillow. The aim of the pillow is to relieve the pain as you sleep because the normal pillow can’t assist you. The pillow is made in such a way that it supports your spine in its natural curve, called the C-curve. This curve is stable for the neck and upper back when you sleep and is consistent with the rest of the spinal curvature.

The pillow should be comfortable to use and made of high-quality material. Free Your Spine says that the cervical pillow should also be the right size; otherwise, it might not be of help to you.

Follow a Routine

The first step to choosing a routine is to set the right time to go to bed. Make sure this is the right time to sleep, and that you get uninterrupted sleep all night long. Know how long it takes for you to sleep, and factor this into the time you get to sleep.

The Bottom-line

Back pain can make you sleep badly, leading to poor productivity at work. To ease this pain, make sure you have the right mattress, have various sleeping aids, sleep enough and follow a nightly routine. With the right kind of sleeping routine, you are sure of less discomfort.