Top Mistakes Men Make While Shaving

Remember the days when you would shave and it would take a few days for the stubble to grow. You miss them, right? Most men reach a point where they start questioning their shaving technique or start wondering whether their facial hair has started growing faster than before. Some even change their shaving razors, when in the real sense the problem is with the way they approach the whole shaving process.

Yes, you might argue that you follow the right procedure – apply shaving cream and remove the hair from your face the way you know best. However, unknown to you, you are unconsciously making some mistakes that have made shaving an unproductive task for you.

The good news is that these you can identify and rectify the mistakes. Here are top mistakes to watch out for:

Shaving Against the Grain When Using a Razor

Bumps, ingrown hair, redness, cuts, and bruises are some of the most irritating results of any shave. However, they are only characteristic of shaving against the grain with a razor. Razors aren’t gentle on the skin and leave small cuts and bruises in the skin, especially the sensitive areas. The right tool to use for shaving against the grain is the electric shaver.

Avoiding the Pre-shave Phase

Since shaving has become akin to a second nature to you, you end up rushing through the process without prior preparation. Something you don’t know is that your hair is naturally hard, and handling it in such a state leaves coarse bristles. You need to soften the hair before shaving. You can do this by splashing warm water over the area. The warm water opens the skin pores to expose the hair for easier cutting. Don’t apply the shaving gel and start shaving immediately – wait a few minutes for the gel to soften the hair.

Buying Wrong Shaving Cream

With a vast array of shaving gels, foams, and cream on shelves these days, men are spoilt for choice. The main aim of these is to prevent the stubble from becoming dry and making the shaving process easy. The lather you create also creates a cushion between the skin and the blade to prevent friction. Making a choice depends on the ingredients. The ingredients ought to provide a rich and lubricating cushion for the skin.

Select a shaving gel or cream that has glycerine to reduce the likelihood of the skin drying out. It should also contain a moisturizer to handle your rough stubble.

Avoiding Shaving Accessories

Most men love the feel of the lather in their hands when applying gel or cream. However, using your hand to apply the cream doesn’t give you the optimum experience from the gel. Invest in a shaving brush. A brush applies the cream or gen evenly and lifts the stubble, making it easy to shave.

Make it A Perfect Shave Today

Avoid these four mistakes to come up with a perfect shave. A perfect shave boosts your self-esteem and makes an excellent first impression. Shaving forms a huge part of grooming for men. Check out Manly Matters for more valuable information on proper grooming.