Wedding Photography Checklist

The wedding photos you receive from the photographer shouldn’t just be cute – they need to tell the story of the wedding day in totality. From the looks on the guests’ faces when you walk down the aisle to the flower girls leading the way, the photographer should know what kind of photos to take.

Preceremony Emotions

When it comes to the wedding, every emotion counts. This is the right time to introduce the photographer, because he needs to capture the emotions that you undergo. These expressions will be with a lot of meaning when the time comes to check out the images.

Among the preceremony emotions, you will have to prepare for the wedding. This involves putting on makeup and your wedding dress. The whole process is one of the most exciting ceremonies of the day.

The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is one item that receives a lot of attention on the wedding day; therefore it is a special part of the whole process. The wedding dress takes days and months to choose.

This is the dress that you found after days and days of searching. This means you need a shot of the dress in all its glory just before you put it on.

The Hairstyle

You shouldn’t underestimate the wedding day look. You need to have as many style photos as you can. You never know, something in the style might pop out, allowing you to edit the style for the ultimate look.

A Pin-up Photo of You

When it comes to your wedding day, nothing should be left to chance. You need to take time and come up with a photo that you can use for your poster. This is the girl-in-the-fashion-magazine look. This will be the best photo for the day, which shows you alone, posing for the photo.

Wedding Rings

You have seen photographers taking shots of wedding rings arranged in bowls, bouquets and books. You also need to have a picture of the wedding rings taken in a great scene.

The Wedding Day

This is the perfect day for the photos. Your photographer has to be on hand to take the perfect shot right from the time you leave the house to the time you enter the wedding venue.

A shot of the bride and groom in their different cars is always a welcome sight. Take time to make sure the shots are perfect. At the entrance of the venue, the photographer also takes the shots right from the time you get out of the bridal car to the time you march down the aisle. This is a great way to create a storyline which you can follow later and show your friends.

At the venue, the photographer will take various shots from different perspectives, right from the guests to the parents. Everyone who attends the wedding will feature in the shots one time or another.

Once the ceremony starts, the photographer takes a lot of photos that relate to the wedding itself. From the time you take the vows, cut the cake, sign the marriage certificate and even take your first dance. These images will make a great pastime later on.

The Venue and Photography

The venue you choose goes a long way in making sure your photos stand out. One of the ways to make these stand out is to choose a theme that goes in line with what you are after. If you are after a classic wedding, then you need to have the right venue. This can be a castle or a church.

You can use various areas of the venue to make your photos stand out. For one, the outdoors are the best areas. You can use the backdrop of the building or the gardens to make the photoshoot memorable. Additionally, make sure you work with the photographer to get the perfect places to take the shots. Talk to a photographer from to know how to go about the whole process.

In Closing

Take time to get the perfect place to take the wedding shot. Since the wedding is a process, you need to make sure the photographer takes all the shots right from the time you are preparing for the wedding to the time you leave on your honeymoon.