What Every Girl Wants – What Every Girl Needs

High school can be a notoriously tough time – you’re still living at home so you have to ask permission to go to parties, you want money but you don’t want to be seen flipping burgers, you need a nice car and nice clothes and you want to be popular. As a former prom queen and the most popular girl in my school I feel that I’m qualified to guide you on your route to popularity and the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

One of the key things that I must stress is that you should start early. Yes, that means elementary school and middle school. Nobody cares too much in elementary school what you look like, so if you don’t look good yet, don’t worry – there’s still time. We’ll come on to that in a moment. Make friends with as many people as possible and that includes the geeks and the loners. You don’t have to go around handing your cell number out to everyone and you don’t have to hang out with these guys at all. Just have a chat with them once in a while, maybe when nobody can see and be nice for five minutes. If they say hi to you when you’re with the cooler kids or the jocks, you don’t have to reply. Just make eye contact and smile – they’ll still be pleased.

The reason you need to make friends with those guys is that they can vote for you to become the prom queen. In every school there are more average kids than popular ones, so even if none of the other popular kids votes for you, you can still win! After you’ve won you don’t really need to keep up your friendship with them either!

You’re obviously going to want to try to get on the cheerleading squad, but you’d better have some other strings to your bow. Try to mix athletics or sports with something creative. You could play in the school orchestra or sing in the choir. This exposes you to people you might otherwise never meet, and they all have a vote. It also looks good to the teachers if you’re involved in a lot of school activities.

You’d better try to get good grades, too. At least in something. If you’re known to be really strong in one or two subjects people will remember you much more than if you’re average across the board. You also want to avoid getting caught doing anything that will get you into trouble. So don’t be tempted to drink alcohol or take drugs if word of it could get back to your school. It’s probably best if your partying friends don’t live in your school district and they should be older anyway. That way you can get the best of both worlds.

Now comes the key to all this. You’ve got to look just right. If you look great, that’s more than half the battle won already because guess what? People are attracted to attractive people! Even for the frumpiest girl there is hope – get your hair, make up and clothes right and you’re bound to look better. And if you’re naturally good looking, that’s no reason to rest on your laurels!

I would say statistically that most girls that look really great go for straightened hair, roughly around elbow length or slightly shorter. They might use highlights but nothing too unnatural-looking. You’re trying to bring beauty out, not impose it. If you have naturally blonde or black hair then you should definitely keep your natural color. Otherwise, try to go for a soft brown or a strawberry blonde. Mousy brown hair is not going to win you any contests and neither is pink. If you have ginger or auburn hair, it’s doable so long as it goes well with your complexion and you are extremely pretty.

You can get a good hair straightener to use at home without spending all of your allowance – just take a look at some of Juliet’s favorites. Of course you are going to wash and style your hair every day – you don’t want to be seen with bed hair ever. Even a baseball cap is better than that.

You’ll need to look sophisticated so try to buy clothing from the big brands that people will notice. Anything with Chanel or Dior on it will get attention. A preppy look will bolster your image as the smart and beautiful girl-next-door. If you wear a Harvard or Yale sweater this will also win you points with the nerds. Whatever it is, make sure it’s clean and smells great.

As for makeup, definitely keep it subtle. It will all depend on your complexion but a touch of eyeshadow, foundation, lip gloss, blush and eyeliner can work wonders. Also, if you’re quite pale, you might want to think about going to a tanning salon. I guess if you live in southern California or Florida you’ve already taken care of that at the beach.

There are a few other things that you can work on, too, such as using great manners, going to church (if that’s how you were brought up), going to classy restaurants, art galleries and so on. Try to people the girl that everyone else wants to be!0